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About Us

Dream Catcher Goldendoodles is a small home based breeder. We specialize in breeding happy, healthy, well socialized Goldendoodles in our home along with other dogs, cats & children. We hope that you choose us to raise your next puppy until they are able to go home & become a new member of your family. We love to stay in contact with our new puppy owners! We love getting pup-dates from you!

Available Puppies: About Us

Medium Goldendoodles

Yankee and Patch's litter arrived February 26th, 2024. They are medium multigen size Goldendoodles. They will be 45-65 pounds. They will be the perfect size companion from two super sweet & affectionate parents. I’m so excited for this litter. Yankee is an awesome mom. Owners from past litter have stayed in contact & updated me on their pups! Nothing but great things. Very trainable, loving, eager to learn, great companions. Which should speak volumes for this pairings demeanor.  

Multigen Mini Goldendoodles

Posey & Ollie are honeymooning. This is her second litter of mini Goldendoodles. They will be multigen. The expected adult weight on this litter will be 25-30 pounds. Ollie is an outside mini Goldendoodle stud who is very calm and such a cutie. He is such a great little gentle soul. Posey is our puppy from past momma Pumpkin. She has a very loving, eager to please, fun personality, but is also just content on laying by your feet. I'm so excited to meet to confirm her pregnancy in a month! I do have a waitlist going for this litter. 

Patsy & Patch are also honeymooning. This will be their first litter of mini multigenerational goldendoodles. They expected adult weight on this litter will also be 25-30 pounds. Patch is our is our mini goldendoodle stud who has a great calm, chill personality. He has been producing our minis for a couple of years now. Patsy came to us from another great breeder. Patsy is also sister to Poppy. Patsy is a 25 pound mini goldendoodle, she is a white/red parti. This litter will produce red tuxedo and white/red parti. Coat textures will very. 

Golden Retrievers

I am super excited to announce that our Golden Retrievers have been honeymooning. I can hardly wait to confirm this pregnancy. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for this litter. We have been patiently waiting for them to be 2 years old and have their OFA testing done. So all i need them to do is “make the magic happen!” They will be full blood Golden Retrievers, AKC, Embark DNA tested and OFA tested. Did i forget to mention, they are English Cream!!!! I can’t wait to have a basket full of these little marshmallows! 

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Medium Multigenerational  Goldendoodles

These adorable medium Goldendoodles were born February 26th. They will be looking for their forever homes around April 25th. They will have first round of puppy shots, dewormed, microchipped at your request. Please message us for more details. They are $1500. A $500 deposit is required to reserve your puppy. I will start taking reseverations next week. 


          Huntington Male


          Augustine (Reserved)


          Venice Male


          Grace Female 


          Caramel Sold


          Wai “Kiki” Sold


          Sandy Female


          Virginia Sold


          Maya Female


          Whitehaven Female

All puppies have been vet checked, dewormed, and microchipped. They will come with their vet record, chip information, puppy food and snuggle puppy in their go home bag!

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Ruby is our future F1B Mini Bernedoodle momma. She has the best demeanor she is so calm, loving, loyal and the best momma dog. She is the perfect little companion at 15 pounds. She is Embark DNA tested. She carries one copy of IVDD which does not affect her puppies.


Yankee is our F1B Goldendoodle momma. She is a gorgeous cream color. She has just had her first litter of colorful cuties. She is such a calm, loving, and nurturing goldendoodle. She is truly what you are looking for in a great family dog. Great with kids, other animals, and loyal. She is Embark genetic tested and is completely clear.


Posey is a mulitgen mini goldendoodle. She will produce adorable red and white abstract & parti's with an outside stud. She is a spunky little 25 pound mini. She was the easiest puppy to potty train, she was eager to please, is a great companion, great color and structure, her personality we fell in love with and held her back for our program. Posey has been Embark DNA genetic tested.

Available Puppies: Females

Our Males


Patch is our mini goldendoodle stud. He offers a playful and traditional look to our program. He will produce precious red and white abstract & parti puppies to this program. He is a very loving a calm dog. He is absolutely adorable if I don't say so myself!

Available Puppies: Males

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